How long are workshops?

Roughly 2-2.5 hours. Sometimes we go over 2.5 from having too much fun. No complaints there 🙂

Can my child go without me to workshop?

Please call/message me before signing your child up for a workshop solo. In many cases it will be just fine, but depending on the medium used, I want to make sure it is age appropriate

Can you teach me how to use the Alcohol Inks if I come during open studio hours?

Unfortunately, I am not able to teach you during those times. Please sign up for a workshop so you are able to work independently as well as add more techniques to your practice while utilizing the open studio. You may use my alcohol inks if you are experienced with using them.

How much room do you have?

I have 12 spots around my work tables. Most classes/workshops/camps will have 12 spots avail. However, some art projects require more room, therefore, i may only allow 10 or even 8 into a class. If you have a big group, please call/message me so we can make something work for you. Private parties might be the best route

Do you have to have experience to take a class or workshop?

That’s a big NO! Everyone can start as a beginner (unless otherwise specified…ie. sewing class that is working on a more advanced product)

Where are you in the building? I keep getting lost.

I am located at:
139 SOUTH 6th Avenue
West Bend, WI. 53095
The entrance is in the back of the building. 🙂 You can park in the front or there is also a parking lot in back. Take the ally off of Walnut street to access.

Can you make something for my family room wall?

YES! I’d love to. I love commission work and I take so much pride in a happy customer. Let’s talk! 262.339.9203

Will you ever have discounts on classes or workshops?

Ohhhhh, yes. Keep checking back at FB and the website. I’ll be posting opportunities to sign up and take 10-15% off your class or workshop.

Is this a paint and wine class?

Nope…this is a “whatever is being offered in which you signed up for class”….. ohhhh, the wine? Well, i don’t currently have a liquor license. However, please feel free to bring a bottle of wine or drink of your choice to the class/workshop you signed up for. Please note that I will ALWAYS advocate for sober driving or utilizing an Uber service